SME Social Media Promo


We provide a complete outsourced service, resource, digital platform and a profiled online audience to run a targeted Digital Promotion. What we provide is complimentary to your own digital marketing activity and gives you access to a wider digital audience every month.

Social Media Product Promotion

Six (6) Product posts published and distribution on Social Media

Posts are published weekly on two (2) different pages

Interactive product posts with link to payment gateway

Three (3) Products published in FB DigiShop

(9 Product Postings Per Month)

Gauteng DigiMall Facebook

East Rand DigiMall Facebook

Johannesburg DigiMall Facebook

Tshwane Lifestyle DigiMall


Once payment is confirmed we will activate your DigiMall promotion.

Click below for secure PayFast payment, use company name as reference or email for EFT payment.