Tourism Campaign

To recover from the impact of the corona virus, business owners need to be proactive in engaging with online consumers to ensure business continuity. As a result of recent events there are more people online now than ever before.

Consumers need to be reassured that your business has hygiene methods and practises in place to ensure the safety of customers and your staff. This awareness message, combined with informative content, and promotional pricing needs to be communicated to a profiled online consumer audience.

We provide the resource, digital platform and a profiled online audience to run a targeted digital campaign.That is complimentary to your existing marketing activity and increases the number of profiled online consumers you can reach every month.

Freelance Business Development – Digital Campaign

Campaign Material Preperation

Define Demographic Profile

Load Landing Page/Capture Form

Content Distribution to profiled audience

Lead and referral management

Sales Pipeline Reporting

Bush Life Digital Platform – Targeted Content Distribution

We have a monthly following of 40 000 online consumers

Average monthly reach of 100 000+ online consumers

Four Bush Life Social Media pages and one group

Bush Life Eco Rated Digital Directory listing

4 x FB Posts, 1 x FB Advert, 1 x Watch Party, 1 x Eco Rated Listing

Campaign Deliverables 

Increased online visibility

Additional website visitors

Additional Social Media followers

New leads and enquiries

Growth of your online community

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