Eco Friendly Promotion

Eco-Friendly Promotions

Eco-Friendly promotions, marketing and selling of products and services based on their environmental benefits. These environmental benefits can be derived from the use of the products and services or the manufacturing process must be environmentally friendly. The objective of an Eco-Friendly Promotion is to promote these Eco benefits as your value proposition.

Promote the Eco Value Proposition (Benefits)

Focus on the eco benefits of your product or service.

  • Minimize social and environmental impact
  • The environmental benefit of using your products
  • The use of natural products in the manufacturing of your products
  • Use of local products and local suppliers
  • Ability to recycle your product or to create organic products
  • Facilitate the development of your local community
  • Practises to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Ethical and environmental practises and processes
  • Show support for Environmental initiatives, like conservation
  • Promote consumer involvement in your Eco initiatives

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